Direct your company’s future with actionable insights

No more "Now what?"

Stop wasting your employees' and customers' time with long, generic surveys that leave you guessing about what to do. Macorva provides the actionable insights you need to move the needle on employee engagement and customer experience:

- Manager-employee dynamics

- Dynamics within teams and between departments

- 360° view of every employee 

- Training efficacy

- Per-employee customer feedback

- Per-service customer feedback

- Measurable feedback attributes

- Sentiment analysis and trends

No more survey silos

Great decisions come from considering all sources. Our unified platform brings together insights from:

- Employee engagement surveys

- Lifecycle surveys 

- Peer-to-peer/360° feedback

- AI sentiment analysis

- Customer satisfaction/NPS surveys

- Digital experiences

...for a fraction of the cost of many single-use platforms. 

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"This is the data business leaders actually need. I'd take these surveys all day if I could."

CEO (Houston, TX)

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Employee experience (EX)

Empower employees to give feedback on the experiences that matter most. Arm your managers with applicable data to:

- Increase employee engagement

- Attract and retain top talent

- Develop well-rounded managers

- Build effective teams

- Establish company culture

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Customer experience (CX)

Improve customer survey response rates with automated, mobile-first experiences that capture more specifics in less time:

- Increase customer satisfaction and retention

- Grow business and increase profits

- Refine sales and marketing strategies

- Expand into new markets

- Develop top-tier digital experiences

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