The worst way to discover issues is to lose great people. Macorva identifies patterns linked to low engagement without relying on negative outcomes.



Every voice matters. Macorva empowers employees to share their experiences without restricting them to company-defined survey questions. 




Macorva survey data is never shared with employers. Results are only returned when enough feedback has been provided to secure anonymity. 



Macorva quantifies employee dynamics at every organizational level. Every employee, every manager, and every team receives specific feedback. 


Employee engagement

Give employees a platform to shape their organization.

Our secure, anonymous survey allows all employees to directly impact the organization and their place within it.

  • Show employees you value their experience

  • Give employees the autonomy to share their experiences

  • Inspire feedback everyone can use to learn and grow

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Performance management

Identify issues—and create a plan of action.

Measuring engagement is critical, but to improve engagement you need to understand employee dynamics and performance. Macorva improves both engagement and performance by helping:

  • Build cross-functional teams that work well together

  • Develop accountable, well-rounded managers

  • Bring actionable feedback to every employee

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Employee retention

Don’t wait to for exit interviews to reveal hard truths. Get the information you need right now to protect your business’s most valuable resource: people.

  • Empower all employees to share the experiences that matter
  • Recognize employees who perform well, contribute to company culture, and inspire others
  • Provide opportunities to learn and grow from feedback to every employee

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Culture & values

Quit paying lip service to your company values.

Measure and reward values that help your company thrive. Build a culture that embraces accountability and personal growth, as well as:

  • Equality
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency

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