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Close the loop with integrated action plans

Employee feedback is no use to anyone if it does not enable near-term, meaningful change. By pairing employee surveys with unlimited 360° feedback, we return per-employee results that drive action at every level. 

We empower you to close the feedback loop with targeted action plans designed to improve employee performance, increase manager effectiveness, promote recognition of strong team players, and more. 

Define next steps for specific outcomes and automatically generate action plans after every feedback initiative.

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EX Action Planning Org Chart
EX Action Planning

Inspire positive changes that build effective teams

People-oriented results enable action at every level of the organization:

- Managers and employees can collaborate on targeted action plans based on employee feedback trends.

- Managers can see how their team views them and how they can adapt to lead more effectively.

- Senior leaders can view integrated results from surveys, 360° feedback, and sentiment to create an informed strategy for each group.

Integrated action planning inspires the step-by-step positive changes that lead to an optimized workforce. 

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