About Macorva

Unbiased feedback and performance reviews empower us to grow into our best selves. Our software collects coworker and customer feedback, then automatically suggests the actions that will most help every individual employee thrive.

After the success of their first company culminated in an acquisition, our founders Nathan and Carley experienced the corporate world with fresh eyes. They saw firsthand how the mountains of data collected by antiquated employee and customer surveys weren't helping employees, customers, or managers. Macorva fixes this. We are developing a next-generation feedback platform - mobile first, no "next" buttons, paired quantitative and qualitative data, automatically generated dashboards, easy configuration, and the ability to convert feedback into action with our Radiant AI™ technology.

COVID has shaken the economy. Companies are moving quickly and wondering how they're doing. Every day the workforce is becoming more distributed, and employee feedback must rapidly change to keep pace. Brands are made and destroyed overnight based on customer experiences. It's a more important time than ever to adapt quickly.

What you'll do as a Software Engineer at Macorva

You'll work on a small team of engineers writing new features and fixing bugs in our software (though we probably just squashed the last one). We have weekly sprints with the full engineering team where everyone demos progress. You'll wear several hats and will be responsible for gathering requirements, sketching UI ideas, architecting your solutions, coding, testing, and maintaining what you write. All of our code undergoes code review and you'll be responsible for reviewing your fellow engineers' code.

We use React and MobX (which is awesome) with TypeScript for the frontend and Django and Python on the backend. We deploy on Heroku and use Postgres as our primary database.

Who are we looking for?

Someone who

  • wants to help us build the next-generation customer and employee feedback tool
  • wants to be challenged in a fast-moving environment
  • is familiar with web-development basics (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • has a deep understanding of either Python or TypeScript
  • is excited to learn Python, TypeScript, Django, Celery, React, MobX, and Heroku
  • works within the central time-zone (+/- 3 hours either way)
  • can communicate effectively in English via Slack and video calls.

If you know several of the technologies listed above already, that's helpful. It's also helpful if you have experience scaling a SaaS product or DevOps experience more generally.

Why would you want to work with us?

Company growth

Our founders are talented entrepreneurs with a track record of success. We have found strong product-market fit with Radiant AI and are just hitting our stride with several large sales. You'd be joining a talented team working on a product that's probably about to see expansive growth.

Personal growth

Our engineers give detailed in-depth code-reviews. Like we were saying earlier, critical feedback is a great way to learn and grow.


We have some difficult scaling problems ahead of us. We encourage the team to challenge each other to make sure every line of code demonstrates our high standards. Macorva is designed to support 100,000+ employee organizations that send up 1 million surveys each day, each containing results about brand, individual employee, product, customer, and patient experiences.

Remote only

Our entire engineering team has worked remotely from the start and all our processes are set up to work remotely. Most of our work is asynchronous so you can take appointments during the week and work flexible hours (other than meetings of course).


  • Health and dental insurance
  • $500/year hardware stipend
  • Up to $1200/year internet reimbursement
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Generous equity package

How to apply

  1. Complete this coding quiz. It should take less than 10 minutes. Include your email and full name with the quiz, and please only start and submit a single response.
  2. Email your resume to jobs@macorva.com using the same email you used when performing the coding quiz. Also let us know why you're a good fit for the position.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What happens after you apply

We’ll read your email and review your resume.

If we don’t think you’re a good fit, we’ll let you know. 

If it looks like you’re a good fit for the role, we’ll get in touch. Our typical interview process has four steps:

  1. 30-minute phone interview with Nathan (our founder and chairman).
  2. 30-minute technical interview.
  3. 60-minute higher-level technical interview.
  4. Job offer!


People-focused employee engagement and customer experience solutions. 

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