Our mission is to bring startup levels of engagement to established companies

As startup veterans, we know employee engagement is essential to long-term success. We also understand the challenges leaders face as companies grow.

Problems become less visible as headcount increases. Individual voices lose volume. Issues that are easy to address in a 10 person organization spread and thrive in companies of thousands, until good people quit, deadlines slip, or revenue stalls. 

We do not accept these outcomes as inevitable. We built Macorva so leaders of thousands can understand their employees' needs without waiting for negative results.

What We Value


We believe every experience has value, and everyone should be empowered to share their lived experiences.



We are all works in progress. We embrace the process of developing our software, our company, and ourselves.



We want a feedback revolution. No one improves without direction. Modern workers deserve a better paradigm. 


Nathan Childress


Nathan founded Mobius Medical Systems in 2010, creating automated software used today in 1,000+ cancer clinics in 40+ countries to ensure safe, effective radiation treatments. The 35-person company was acquired by Varian Medical Systems, where Nathan is an associate VP of product development. 

Carley Childress


Carley comes to Macorva from an engineering background focused in medical device product development and marketing management. Having worked for companies with thousands of employees and for companies with less than five employees, she is passionate about bringing startup levels of engagement to established companies. 

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