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Generate resources automatically. Radiant AI enables managers to spend less time on documentation and more time on strategy and action.

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Eliminate guesswork and translate data into meaningful results with AI-driven response plans and coaching.
Get instant value out of your experience data with a powerful platform your entire workforce can use.
Simplify your workflow with our extensive library of app integrations.


Tap into the power of a modern AI-driven experience platform
Put your data to work with Macorva's AI-powered experience solutions built for employees, customers and managers.


Resource Library
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Macorva-Logo-Icon-SquareWHY MACORVA

Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.
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Manager Experience

Unleash your managers' potential with Radiant AI® 
performance management.

Macorva MX

Automate performance management

Macorva MX transforms your performance management process by simplifying management tasks, strengthening bonds between employees and managers, and offering personalized guidance. Our advanced Radiant AI technology automatically generates performance reviews, OKRs, SMART goals, and employee development plans by integrating the feedback you're already gathering with your managers' insights. By freeing up time and resources to focus on what matters, you'll increase manager effectiveness and accelerate high-impact actions that drive business outcomes.
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Performance Management
Elevate your performance management strategy with built-in automation. Our AI tools create unbiased reviews and goal-setting plans, saving managers over 100 hours per year.
Employee Development
Boost employee growth and productivity effortlessly. Macorva MX measures skills and creates AI-tailored development plans, providing resources for continuous improvement.
Communication & Collaboration
Cultivate effective collaboration between managers and employees with a centralized platform for tracking progress, sharing ideas, and providing real-time updates.
Leadership Development
Equip your managers with self-service access to comprehensive resources and personalized guidance to improve their leadership skills and drive employee engagement.
Succession Planning
Plan for the future with an informed leadership strategy. Automatically identify potential leaders and leverage targeted development that balances your organization's needs.

Seamlessly integrate your tech stack

Macorva effortlessly integrates with over 50 HRIS, streamlining workflows and simplifying data management by automatically syncing employee information. Our HRIS integrations typically can be set up in under 5 minutes.

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Move the needle in employee
satisfaction and retention

+50% Efficiency

100+ Hours Saved

Radiant AI's insights and recommendations increases 1:1 meetings efficiency and productivity by 50% By automating the first draft of performance reviews, Radiant AI cuts time spent in half
  • ─ Centralized Employee Data
  • ─ AI-Generated Resources
  • ─ 360 Feedback & Skills Assessments
  • ─ Personalized Action Plans
  • ─ Interactive Radiant AI Coaching
  • ─ People Analytics

Centralized Employee Data and Manager Notes

Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems. With Macorva MX we keep things data-driven and continuously monitored. Access all your essential information, including employee performance data and manager notes, in one easy-to-access location. This means managers can quickly assess performance and make informed decisions, boosting efficiency and improving overall performance management.

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AI-generated Performance Materials

With Radiant AI, materials like performance reviews, OKRs, SMART goals, and more are generated instantly. This means managers can focus on refining strategies and boosting employee development, rather than getting bogged down in paperwork. Managers save over 100 hours a year, freeing them up to focus on high-impact actions that drive business outcomes. With full access to our standardized, data-backed reports, tied together with closed-loop feedback, managers can uncover performance insights with ease.

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360 Feedback and Skills Assessments

Get the full picture and understand what matters most with comprehensive insights into employee performance and potential through 360-degree feedback and skills assessment tools. These insights enable targeted development and growth, ensuring that employees receive the support they need to excel in their roles. Radiant AI takes this data to the next level by creating goals that align with individual abilities and company objectives.
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Personalized Action Plans

Every employee is unique, and their growth plans should be too. Radiant AI automatically creates tailored action plans for employees and managers rooted in proven research and best practices that boost individual growth and foster a culture of continuous improvement within the team. By automating the creation of these key assets, managers can spend more time supporting and growing their team.
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Interactive Radiant AI Coaching

Supercharge your team's development with our AI-powered coaching. With a personalized and interactive approach, Radiant AI provides real-time feedback and support when you need it. Whether it's a manager honing their leadership skills or an employee working on a new project, our AI coach is there to help them tackle their specific challenges and improve their skills.
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People Analytics

Make smarter decisions with data. Macorva MX provides you with actionable insights to measure improvements, spot trends, and guide strategic decisions. Easily track the impact of your performance management initiatives, understand the 'why' behind the numbers, and make necessary adjustments. Our analytics are presented in an easy-to-understand format, so you can focus on fostering a more engaged and productive workforce. We turn data into insights that drive success.
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Macorva MX

Platform Benefits

Save managers'
Save each manager over 100 hours per year by automating performance management.  
Increase employee engagement Equip your managers to build engaged teams and align goals more effectively.  
Reduce employee
Address employee needs and retain talent with AI-generated development plans.  
Increase customer satisfaction Nurture your team with targeted plans that result in exceptional customer interactions.  
Streamlined succession planning Easily identify and develop future leaders with AI-generated insights.  
Continuous learning & development Empower employees to advance their career success with personalized learning plans.  
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"I like that Macorva is easy to use for my Clinical staff, administrative staff, and patients. It is the ultimate platform to request feedback, and use the results to tie to follow up actions. I really appreciate the ease of use throughout the platform, and the advanced features to tie it to patient outcomes."
Stephen K.National Cancer Research Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Macorva MX save managers time on performance management activities?
Macorva MX's Radiant AI uses managers' notes, employee performance data, and 1:1 meeting notes to automatically generate performance materials. These include unbiased performance reviews, SMART goals, OKRs, and PIPs that are tailored to individual needs. This automation not only saves managers over 100 hours per year but also standardizes output and cites more data, improving efficiency and consistency.
Can Macorva MX be customized to suit my organization's specific requirements?
Absolutely! Macorva MX offers a flexible framework that can be tailored to meet your organization's unique needs. We can train Radiant AI to support your specific performance management and employee development processes. Plus, our platform provides an approval process for performance documents and offers long-term storage of these documents.
Can I connect my own LMS resources to
Radiant AI?
Yes, you can! We can easily incorporate your existing LMS resources into Radiant AI’s recommendations. This way, your learning resources can be seamlessly integrated into the personalized development plans generated by our AI.
Can we use Radiant AI to generate other types of materials?
Definitely! We can adjust or expand the framework Radiant AI uses to generate materials from your data. This means you can have a variety of materials automatically created, all tailored to your specific needs.
Does Radiant AI coaching require specific
Nope! Radiant AI uses a large language model to understand any input. This means employees and managers can describe problems in their own words and receive professional guidance in return. It's like having a personal coach who understands your unique challenges.
Can Macorva integrate with my existing HR systems?
Yes, Macorva seamlessly integrates with over 50 HR and LMS systems. The initial connection is typically performed in under a few minutes, and data is automatically synced afterwards.
How does Macorva MX use AI to nurture teams and improve customer interactions?
Macorva MX uses Radiant AI to provide personalized guidance and support, fostering a nurturing environment for teams. This not only boosts team morale and productivity but also leads to improved customer interactions, as happy and engaged employees are more likely to deliver superior customer service.
How does Macorva MX streamline succession planning?
Macorva MX simplifies the process of identifying and developing future leaders by combining our 360 manager feedback with AI-generated insights. By providing targeted development plans, it ensures a smooth succession planning process, balancing your organization's needs.
How does Macorva MX use people
Our platform provides actionable insights to measure improvements, spot trends, and guide strategic decisions. These analytics are presented in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that foster a more engaged and productive workforce.
How does Macorva MX provide interactive AI coaching?
Macorva MX offers interactive coaching powered by Radiant AI. This coaching is personalized and interactive, providing real-time feedback and support. Whether it's a manager honing their leadership skills or an employee working on a new project, our AI coach is there to help them tackle their specific challenges and improve their skills.
How does Macorva MX use 360 feedback and skills assessments?
Macorva MX uses 360-degree feedback and skills assessment tools to gather comprehensive insights into employee performance and potential. This data is then used by Radiant AI to create personalized development plans and goals that align with individual abilities and company objectives.
How does Macorva MX help reduce employee turnover? Our Radiant AI technology creates personalized development plans for each employee. These plans, based on comprehensive insights from feedback and performance data, make employees feel valued and invested in the company. Additionally, Macorva MX identifies potential 'flight risks,' allowing managers to proactively address their concerns and retain them, reducing employee turnover.
How does Macorva MX increase employee engagement?
Macorva MX uses Radiant AI to generate personalized engagement reports for managers, providing unique insights into team members' engagement levels. It also fosters a culture of continuous feedback and recognition, identifying standout employees and encouraging managers to acknowledge their contributions. This comprehensive approach boosts team morale and overall engagement levels.
How does Macorva MX support leadership development?
Macorva MX provides managers with self-service access to personalized resources and AI-generated performance materials. Additionally, it offers interactive coaching through Radiant AI, providing real-time feedback to help managers refine their leadership skills. By leveraging insights from 360-degree feedback and skills assessments, managers can better understand their team and drive employee engagement.

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Learn how Macorva MX is saving managers over 100 hours per year with automated performance reviews, SMART goals, and personalized development plans.