Surveys for the smartphone era

In a world weighed down by survey fatigue, we've designed a feedback platform that captures better data than old-school surveys - in less time! Our surveys are:

- Automated with text notifications and one-click access

- Customized to each person's specific experiences

- Lightweight and easy to complete

- Laser-focused to capture actionable insights

Leave your antiquated surveys in the dust and upgrade to Macorva's comprehensive feedback platform to save time, get better data, and improve company performance.

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our comprehensive feedback platform

Employee engagement

Increase engagement with insights from annual & pulse surveys. 

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Unlimited 360° feedback

Collect 5x the feedback in 1/10th the time of old-school 360 reviews. 

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Employee lifecycle

Refine internal processes for onboarding, exit interviews, and more.

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AI text analysis

Measure key sentiments from 1000s of survey comments.

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Customer feedback

Grow business using actionable insights from every customer interaction. 

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Digital CX

Refine your digital experiences with in-app customer feedback.

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How we're different

We all have the same questions when it comes to feedback: How do we get the data we need, and once we have it... what do we do?

We address these core issues with:

- A mobile-first user experience that makes giving detailed feedback fast and easy

- Actionable results from surveys customized to each person's experiences

- Intuitive dashboards designed to improve performance and grow business

Key benefits
Minimize overhead

Our modern design removes traditional bottlenecks with collecting feedback and segmenting results, saving you time and money.


Increase employee engagement

We deliver actionable results that empower every employee to develop their skills and improve their experience.


Grow revenue

See huge improvements immediately from our customer surveys, with specific insights on every service, location, and employee. 


Promote brand awareness

When we direct customers to external review sites, our users see a 13% increase in public reviews within the first 2 weeks.


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