Empower every employee to share their experiences

Employee engagement is driven by relationships, especially those between employees and managers. Conventional engagement surveys do not account for these relationships. 

Our employee engagement software empowers all employees to anonymously share their experiences with all coworkers.

By capturing meaningful experiences as measurable data, we give leaders better insight into their teams so they can increase engagement, boost performance, and retain top talent. 

Employee engagement

Performance management

Technology has changed how we work


Work from home

30% of US employees work remotely full-time.1 


Frequent travel

In 2018, US travelers took 460+ million domestic business trips.2


Field work

Nearly 30 million US employees work in trade, transportation, and utilities.3


Email & chat

43% of employees today use instant messaging at work.4 


Cross-functional roles

33% of US employees work for companies with 10,000+ employees.5


Multiple locations

65% of Fortune 500 companies have international locations.6


One perspective no longer captures an employee's impact


Macorva: crowdsourced employee engagement and performance management

Our platform turns engagement and career development into a self-serve model.

We empower employees to anonymously share experiences at work and with all coworkers in a simple, anonymous survey. 

We report on more than just engagement, with individual feedback scores and employee profiles, department dynamics, and company-wide stats. 

Build a culture of feedback


Peel back layers of management and capture every perspective

Engagement surveys

Our surveys empower employees to share the experiences that drive engagement, with metrics provided at manager, department, and company levels. 

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Unlimited 360° feedback

Our surveys open up feedback opportunities between all employees. This results in holistic 360° feedback for every employee with no management overhead. 

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Department dynamics

We quantify all impressions between all departments so executive leaders can better understand the dynamics between different groups to improve productivity and cross-collaboration. 

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Company org chart

We bridge the gap between engagement and performance management by visually displaying both metrics in a responsive company org chart.

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