DEI Series: Establishing Equity with Feedback

DEI Series: Establishing equity with feedback

This is the first in a series of blogs on using employee feedback to establish a route to a genuine diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational culture. Upcoming blog posts will look in detail at the criticality of visibility and transparency in providing a truly equitable DEI philosophy.

First up, we outline how we work with our clients to strive to create an inclusive environment, with a clear focus on establishing equity. 

Supporting the E and I in DEI

Macorva's equitable 360 feedback workflow

Our mission to help our partners build an inclusive environment, with a clear focus on equity. 

One way to establish equity at every level of an organization is to empower employees to share meaningful experiences with others. Our expertise is capturing these experiences as actionable data. With our unlimited 360 feedback, every employee can anonymously share experiences with any coworker. One employee can anonymously rate and describe experiences with 20+ coworkers in detail in under 5 minutes. This generates huge volumes of specific, directional data and promotes an equitable feedback culture, as:

- every employee can share experiences, ensuring every employee's experiences are valued.

- every employee benefits from robust feedback trends.

With unlimited 360 feedback, we provide a fundamentally equitable feedback experience and workflow, and the transformative results empower our partners to go even further to establish an equitable environment for employees. 

Empowering managers

It’s natural and appropriate for managers to value their own intuition and judgment. But when opportunities arise for managers to make important personnel decisions, such as who should lead a team or be promoted, many managers struggle with making the right call. 

Most managers don't get an in-depth look at how every employee they manage performs day-to-day, which leads them to rely more heavily on their own instincts and experiences. While the old adage of "trusting your gut" resonates with many experienced leaders, this practice is rarely fair for all employees. Managers may naturally gravitate toward employees who are most like them - perhaps the same race, age, gender, orientation, etc. When managers identify more with employees with similar backgrounds and experiences, they can unconsciously develop a bias and ‘lean in’ toward these employees over employees with more diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

A common example

District Manager Tom needs to identify a new Regional Manager. He doesn’t have firsthand experience with most employees in his purview. He knows his people do their jobs well, but he doesn’t see enough as a high-level manager to know who would make the best leader. 

However, he regularly plays golf with Fred, a supervisor who he enjoys spending time with who seems to do a good job and never has any performance issues. So he promotes Fred because of his own experiences, not realizing this decision excludes other employees who may be a better fit. Sometimes that decision works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the outcome of whether or not Fred will be a good manager isn’t the problem. Rather, the problem is only people like Fred will be considered when Tom’s decisions are only informed by his own experiences. 

This example, neither new or unique, prompted us to develop within our platform a feedback experience that:

- shines a light on managers' unconscious biases.

- enables managers to confront these biases. 

- augments subjective decision-making with robust people analytics.

Macorva results shining a light on unconscious biases and promoting equity

Emphasizing equity

At Macorva, we empower company leaders to make decisions informed by holistic feedback trends. Put simply, we give managers the “full picture” of every employee, an all-around 360 view that promotes equity in two key ways: 

1) Every employee gets the same level of analysis. This means leaders can make decisions with a set of information that includes every employee.

Macorva results establishing an equitable employee review process

2) Employee performance data is collected from a broad range of informed experiences, not just those of the leader. A manager may love working with an employee, but that shouldn't be the deciding factor for rising through the ranks. How an employee works with peers and across departments should also be considered. We know from much research over the last 30 years that the 360 all-around view, sensitively and anonymously collected, is a far more reliable indicator of an employee's skills. 

Our philosophy and whole reason to be is to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted. Only then can we be sure we have the best pathway to a genuinely equitable and all encompassing DEI solution and culture.

If you would like to know more about Macorva and how we can support you and your journey to a genuine DEI culture, we welcome you to join our upcoming webcast with Dr. Anton Franckeiss, IO Psychologist and Macorva Founder, Carley Childress:



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