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MacorvaFebruary 22, 20247 min read

Macorva + Genesys: Improving Call Center Performance with AI-powered Feedback Analysis

Call centers using Genesys solutions collect a wealth of customer feedback through post-call surveys, social media, emails, and other channels. This data offers valuable insights, but its sheer volume can be a burden. Analyzing it manually to identify actionable steps for improvement is a major challenge.

Customers expect fast, personalized resolutions, and repeating their issues to multiple agents creates frustration. To deliver superior experiences, call centers must harness feedback to improve agent training and optimize processes. Macorva and Genesys partner to solve this issue, using AI to transform feedback into clear action points for enhanced customer experiences.


From Data Overload to Informed Action

Call centers utilizing Genesys solutions tap into a rich stream of customer feedback across surveys, emails, social media, and more. This data holds tremendous potential for improvement, but deciphering its sheer volume is a complex, often manual task. Teams quickly become overwhelmed, struggling to extract the insights that matter most for improving customer experiences.
With traditional analysis, important trends get lost in the data. Common pain points persist, and supervisors lack the targeted guidance they need for effective agent coaching. This leads to missed opportunities – slower issue resolution harms customer satisfaction and limits proactive service enhancements.

Common challenges faced by call centers include:
  • Identifying recurring themes: Sifting through unstructured comments and transcripts is time-consuming, hindering the identification of widespread problems.
  • Prioritizing issues: Massive amounts of feedback make it difficult to determine which issues are most urgent, causing delays in addressing critical areas.
  • Delivering insights to supervisors: Valuable findings can be lost within standard feedback reports, preventing supervisors from taking focused coaching action.

Beyond Reporting: Macorva Agent Insights + Genesys = Targeted Action

Data without clear application can be overwhelming. Macorva Agent Insights ensures feedback analysis in Genesys doesn't become just another set of reports. Instead, it empowers teams to take swift, targeted action. Here's how our AI drives results:
  • Smart Response Suggestions: When critical negative feedback surfaces, Macorva offers tailored response templates directly within Genesys Cloud™. This empowers agents to draft effective replies, especially when dealing with complex situations or public social media comments.
  • Seamless Genesys Integration: Urgent feedback is woven directly into your Genesys workspace. Supervisors can access flagged customer comments in the context of an escalated call, providing invaluable insights for a swift and informed resolution.
  • Targeted Alerts: AI triggers automatic alerts to relevant teams based on feedback content. For example, negative comments about a product feature immediately notify the technical support team, optimizing issue resolution.
This seamless integration within Genesys empowers your call center to make the critical jump from insights to action. All of this takes place within your team's familiar operational environment, streamlining response times and enhancing collaboration.

Macorva's Radiant AI: Delivering the Right Insights, Right Away

Macorva's Radiant AI technology is helping to solve the feedback overload problem commonly faced by call centers. The advanced AI engine analyzes massive amounts of feedback from surveys, calls, social media, and other Genesys-integrated sources, delivering insights tailored to drive action. Here's how Radiant AI does more than just generate summaries:
  • Supervisors: Daily Trend Reports provide concise summaries of emerging issues and top customer concerns. This targeted focus lets supervisors immediately implement team-wide coaching for rapid improvement.
  • Agents: Weekly Scorecards offer individualized summaries with focused improvement areas alongside standard Genesys metrics. AI pinpoints strengths and weaknesses to guide clear development plans.
  • Leadership: Comprehensive Monthly Summaries highlight broader trends in customer sentiment. Strategic analysis correlated with Genesys data empowers leadership to optimize workflows, make staffing adjustments, and address recurring product issues.

The key is AI-driven relevance and timing. Radiant AI ensures each team receives the right insights at the right frequency – prompting swift, focused action within the Genesys environment.

Real-World Impact: Transforming Feedback into Action

This tailored, timely approach isn't just about information – it's about tangible outcomes. To demonstrate how Macorva's Radiant AI transforms insights into focused call center improvements, consider these real-world scenarios: 
  • Scenario 1: Empowering Frontline Agents with AI-Driven Product Guidance: Daily AI reports reveal customers are struggling with a recent product update. Supervisors immediately address the issue during team huddles, preventing a surge in frustrated calls. Macorva even curates relevant knowledge base articles and links them within Genesys, giving agents the right tools at their fingertips.
  • Scenario 2: Using AI for Targeted Agent Coaching and Best Practice Sharing: Weekly AI-powered agent scorecards highlight exceptional customer satisfaction ratings for one agent. Supervisors use this insight to not only praise the agent in their 1:1 meeting but also analyze what makes them excel. These success factors are then shared with the wider team, raising the bar for overall service quality.
  • Scenario 3: Data-Driven Decision Making for Call Center Leadership: Monthly reports point to long weekend wait times as a consistent source of customer frustration. Leadership correlates this data with Genesys staffing reports, allowing for informed adjustments to schedules or the exploration of new Genesys self-service solutions.
  • Scenario 4: Preventing Escalations with AI-Identified Software Issues: A software update leads to a spike in negative feedback, but AI pinpoints a specific, common issue. The support team instantly creates a visual troubleshooting guide and pins it within the knowledge base. This rapid, insight-driven action prevents countless calls and promotes self-service solutions.
  • Scenario 5: Proactive Issue Prevention: The holiday season reveals a pattern – order delays due to overwhelmed shipping partners causing dips in satisfaction scores. Armed with this insight, leaders proactively work with shipping partners, using Genesys order volume data as leverage. This results in alternative fulfillment options or more transparent delivery updates, protecting customer relationships and preventing future escalation costs.

These scenarios show how generative AI empowers both short-term fixes and long-term strategic improvements. With Macorva and Genesys, feedback becomes a powerful tool for continuously raising the level of service within your call center.


Transforming CX: The Power of the Macorva/Genesys Partnership

To understand the CX impact of the Macorva/Genesys partnership, consider how it transforms customer feedback into a strategic catalyst for enhancing your call center. By seamlessly integrating with the wealth of data available within Genesys, Macorva Agent Insights drives improvements in several key areas:
  • Actionable Insights, Not Just Data: Feedback transforms into immediate action – supervisors coach agents in real-time, product teams resolve emerging issues, and Genesys tools are refined based on trends.
  • Strategic, Data-Driven Optimization: AI analyzes patterns to guide informed decisions about Genesys workflows, staffing needs, and resource allocation, boosting long-term operational efficiency.
  • Empowered Agents, Exceptional Service: Macorva insights delivered within the Genesys workspace arm agents with knowledge, resources, and response tools for confident, effective customer interactions.
  • The True Goal: Elevated Customer Experience: Customers directly benefit from faster issue resolution, improved agent skills, and streamlined processes within Genesys. This translates into exceptional experiences that foster loyalty.

Customer expectations drive the market. The Macorva/Genesys partnership gives you the power to leverage feedback as a competitive edge, building the responsive, customer-centric experiences that fuel success.

Looking Ahead: AI-Driven Innovation with Macorva and Genesys

The integration of Macorva and Genesys isn't just about today's challenges; it creates a powerful platform for embracing the future of AI-enhanced call centers. Let's dive into some of the exciting advancements this partnership will enable:
  • Conversational AI Optimization: Macorva's feedback analysis will seamlessly refine virtual agent interactions. AI pinpoints successful self-service patterns and areas where customers need live support, maximizing both automation and agent intervention for smoother customer journeys.
  • Unlocking the Power of Voice and Sentiment: Real-time voice and sentiment analysis, integrated with Genesys call recordings, will give agents instant insight into a customer's emotional state. This empowers them to personalize responses, offering tailored empathy and problem-solving tailored to the situation.
  • Predictive Insights for Action: Think of AI as a crystal ball – identifying potential churn risks and proactively alerting supervisors using data from across the Genesys system. It goes beyond customer analysis; the AI could even recognize patterns in agent notes that highlight potential burnout, prompting early support for individual and team well-being.

These are just a glimpse of the potential. The Macorva/Genesys partnership positions your call center at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring you can continuously adapt and deliver the best possible experiences in an ever-evolving AI landscape.


In the fast-paced world of call centers, customer feedback holds immense potential – if you have the tools to harness it. The Macorva/Genesys partnership gives you those tools, turning feedback from overwhelming data into a catalyst for strategic action. AI-powered insights, delivered directly within your Genesys platform, empower teams to proactively resolve issues and continuously optimize customer experiences.

This doesn't just streamline operations; it revolutionizes your approach to customer service. By using insights to enhance your Genesys Cloud™ environment, you equip agents to be more efficient, ensure faster problem-solving, and build customer relationships rooted in understanding.
Ready to transform your call center? Discover how Macorva's seamless integration turns feedback into your competitive edge within Genesys. Get in touch with our team of experts or start your free trial today.


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