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Create better data

Standard surveys ask unspecific questions, which return unspecific results and leave you with a mountain of open-text comments to fill in the gaps. Our surveys create highly specific, directional, and actionable data without relying on outlier comments.

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Focus on people

Our software seamlessly integrates with your HRIS and CRM databases to intelligently tailor surveys to individual experiences, creating people-focused results. 

Context over complexity

Other survey platforms try to solve for actionable data by asking more complex questions that fewer people will understand or find relevant. This results in lower response rates and less reliable data. Our solution is different: instead of making surveys more complex, we add context to make them actionable.

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Tap & track

Open-text comments can help explain low or confusing survey scores. But taking action from these comments can be risky. Only a small percentage of people giving feedback will take the time manually enter in comments, and those who do will often have outlier experiences. 

We capture more specifics in our surveys using custom descriptive attributes. With a few taps, people can provide important details about their experiences without typing.

This increases both the quantity and quality of your feedback. By isolating important qualifies, our software quantifies, measures, and tracks how often they are used in feedback for every location, business unit, manager, and employee. 


Mobile-first design

Stop losing experiences to survey fatigue. Increase completion rates with engaging feedback experiences.

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AI text analysis

Capture every insight from every employee and customer comment with best-in-class AI sentiment scoring. 

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Translation & localization

Maximize your ROI by collecting equal experience data for every region and language. 

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