stop losing thousands of experiences to survey fatigue
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Seize the moment

We automatically deploy surveys at the best possible time to ensure a response, whether that’s immediately after a sales transaction, customer support call, an employee’s first day, or whatever trigger best suits your situation.

Macorva CX- Employee-specific customer feedback-thumb
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One-click access

Extra steps like checking emails, logging in, and clicking through apps keep people from giving valuable feedback. Our platform automatically generates secure log-in links for every person. One click places them directly into their simple, targeted web survey.

Feedback with your fingertips

We encourage the maximum responses with simple, user-friendly feedback experiences. Our tappable attributes make it easy to provide specific details without manual text entry, driving up completion rates and returning robust, measurable feedback.

MORE core features

Actionable feedback

Overcome your biggest survey pain points with better data. Drive direct action without added complexity. 

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AI text analysis

Capture every insight from every employee and customer comment with best-in-class AI sentiment scoring. 

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Translation & localization

Maximize your ROI by collecting equal experience data for every region and language. 

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