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Equal access to feedback

When surveys are only offered in one language, they put every non-native speaker at a disadvantage. People rarely answer questions they don’t understand. 

Without translation and localization, international groups often struggle to address issues in their “silent regions." Meanwhile, the perspectives of native speakers are over-represented in their survey results. 

Equal opportunities to learn 

We provide equal opportunities for everyone to provide feedback by delivering the same user-friendly experience in multiple languages and with full localization. 

This includes translations of our entire platform, including surveys, individual dashboards, and manager reports. We also make reviewing results an equalized experience with localized date, time and data formatting.





Actionable feedback

Overcome your biggest survey pain points with better data. Drive direct action without added complexity. 

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AI text analysis

Capture every insight from every employee and customer comment with best-in-class AI sentiment scoring. 

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Mobile-first design

Stop losing experiences to survey fatigue. Increase completion rates with engaging feedback experiences.

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