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Infographics - Department Dynamics-1


Department Dynamics-1

Department engagement metrics

Macorva displays every department’s happiness scores, engagement/disengagement rates, and histogram of responses to every survey question, including the key drivers of engagement and any custom questions.

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Department Dynamics-2

Individual feedback scores

By empowering all employees to anonymously rate their experiences with others, Macorva captures large volumes of specific data on employee behavior and performance.

Managers can use this feedback to identify employees who hold high esteem across different departments, as well as those who others identify as difficult to work with outside of their department.

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Department Dynamics-3

Feedback scores between departments

At the executive level, Macorva’s employee experience ratings roll up into each department, bringing unprecedented clarity to department dynamics.

Executives can see when departments rate highly with others based on large numbers of mutual employee experience ratings. They can also identify departments that struggle to work together, or even a single department that others struggle to work with.

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