From radiation oncology to business intelligence

Founders and experienced entrepreneurs Nathan and Carley Childress come to Macorva from the highly specialized field of radiation oncology. 

As a PhD physicist, Nathan created software programs that ensured the safe, effective delivery of radiation treatments to cancer patients. Today, his programs are used in over 1,000 clinics in over 40 countries. 

Where we come from, user experience is a life-or-death issue. At our first company, we developed expertise in simplifying complex data to make results clear and actionable.

Carley Childress

Founder & CEO


Why create Macorva?

After the success of their first company culminated in an acquisition, Nathan and Carley experienced the larger corporate world with fresh eyes. They saw firsthand how productivity and quality suffered when managers were not on the same page as their employees and customers. 

The mountains of data collected by antiquated employee and customer surveys weren't helping employees, customers, or managers. Company leaders needed actionable data. Nathan and Carley saw an opportunity to create a new feedback paradigm that could optimize operations for businesses of every size and industry. 


People-focused employee engagement and customer experience solutions. 

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