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Generate resources automatically. Radiant AI enables managers to spend less time on documentation and more time on strategy and action.

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Eliminate guesswork and translate data into meaningful results with AI-driven response plans and coaching.
Get instant value out of your experience data with a powerful platform your entire workforce can use.
Simplify your workflow with our extensive library of app integrations.


Tap into the power of a modern AI-driven experience platform
Put your data to work with Macorva's AI-powered experience solutions built for employees, customers and managers.


Resource Library
Explore our product videos, customer stories, helpful guides, and more.
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Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Macorva + Slack

The easiest way for teams to manage and act on customer feedback. Effortlessly monitor customer responses, keep track of feedback trends, and oversee your customer experience—all from your favorite workspace.

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Get notified of survey responses

Survey responses are automatically delivered straight to your workspace with detailed customer info. Choose to see every response or only those that need your attention.

Know when follow-up is needed

Respond quickly to customer feedback with real-time notifications of customers that require follow-up and act on it with AI-generated communication scripts.

Review customer feedback trends

Get AI-generated daily, weekly, or monthly summary reports delivered straight to your Slack. Stay updated on your customer experience trends without leaving your workspace.

Keep your team in the loop

Share customer feedback and reports in your Slack channels to boost team collaboration and keep everyone on the same page.







Getting Started

How to connect Slack to your Macorva workspace


Connect Slack to Macorva

1. Install the Macorva app to the Slack workspace.
2. Invite the Macorva app to a Slack channel using “/invite @Macorva”.
3. Start using the app commands:
    - /macorva help
    - /macorva list [survey id]
    - /macorva subscribe [survey id] [frequency]
    - /macorva unsubscribe [survey id] [frequency]

In order to perform Step 3, the Slack user must have a verified email matching the email of a user present in Macorva.

Also, to perform the “list”, “subscribe”, and “unsubscribe” commands, the matching user in Macorva must have permission to view results for the survey being queried. This is configured on our people config interface under the “CX” section under “Can see manager dashboards”.

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Manage your customer experience
from your favorite workspace.