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Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.
MacorvaJanuary 4, 20243 min read

The Macorva-Mercer Relationship - A Collaboration for Best-in-Class Employee Engagement Results

In today's competitive landscape, employee engagement is essential for team success and productivity. That's why Macorva and Mercer, two leading providers of employee experience solutions, have joined forces to offer robust solutions powered by generative AI and global data benchmarking. This relationship gives managers the actionable insights they need to make informed decisions and boost overall employee satisfaction.

At Macorva, we believe that employee experience data is your most valuable asset. That's why we're passionate about using it to help our clients optimize productivity and performance. By combining our robust feedback platform with Mercer's advanced benchmarking tools, we're giving organizations the state-of-the-art technology they need to excel in all key areas of employee engagement.

The Power of the Macorva-Mercer Synergy

Mercer's mission to build brighter futures by redefining workforce strategies aligns perfectly with ours. Together, we're committed to helping organizations grow their market share and bolster employee well-being through fact-based decision-making.
Our relationship addresses a key challenge for many organizations: how to know in real time which employee engagement initiatives are working and which aren't. By combining Mercer's global employee engagement benchmarking data with our feedback platform, we can help organizations identify and act on engagement drivers quickly and effectively.
For example, Mercer's employee engagement benchmarks can help organizations rate their culture and management style on factors such as inclusion, belonging, and innovation. This information brings employee treatment, innovation, and leadership to the forefront of your planning and can then be used to develop and implement targeted employee engagement initiatives.

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The Power of Mercer's Data Benchmarking

Mercer's benchmarking expertise and data, combined with Macorva's generative AI capabilities, enable us to deliver employee engagement solutions and insights faster and more accurately than ever before. With insights drawn from over 8 million incumbents, Mercer keeps a finger on the pulse of your team’s happiness within your company culture. This lets teams adjust quickly and reliably to changes in the market.
Mercer's benchmarking data gives organizations a clear understanding of how their employee experience compares to others of similar size, industry, and job roles. This information can be used to make informed decisions about everything from compensation and benefits to training and development. In short, by analyzing employee sentiment data, leaders can identify specific areas where their team may be struggling.

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Understanding the Macorva Employee Experience Platform

In addition to Mercer's global employee engagement benchmarking data, Macorva clients also benefit from our Radiant AI® technology that provides managers with deep and unique insights and personalized next steps.
The Macorva platform utilizes generative AI to collect and analyze employee experience data. This innovative technology allows companies to gain valuable insights into their team's sentiment, engagement, and overall satisfaction. By leveraging this data, managers can identify areas of improvement and take proactive steps to address them.
One of the key benefits of the Macorva platform is the ability to generate actionable resources for both managers and employees. These resources provide practical advice and strategies to improve team management and enhance employee satisfaction. Whether it's implementing new training programs, adjusting compensation structures, or improving work-life balance, managers can use these resources to make informed decisions that positively impact their team's experience.
For example, we can help you understand the relationship between employee engagement and customer retention, and how your onboarding practices can impact both customer and employee churn. Our surveys with Mercer’s employee engagement benchmarks attached simplify complicated relationships with a defined path forward.


The Macorva-Mercer relationship gives you the flexibility to access a wide range of products and services, from our proprietary AI resources to Mercer's benchmarking capabilities. This allows us to help our clients quickly and confidently implement reliable infrastructures that generate the KPIs vital to healthy engagement strategies.
If you're ready to take your people-centric strategy to the next level, we encourage you to contact us today. We're here to help you create sustainable employee and customer retention from every direction.


Macorva is dedicated to helping you not only gather unfiltered data, but make sense of it. Our industry-leading team of software developers never stops refining Macorva to pick up on subtleties that can help you build a better business.