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Generate resources automatically. Radiant AI enables managers to spend less time on documentation and more time on strategy and action.

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Eliminate guesswork and translate data into meaningful results with AI-driven response plans and coaching.
Get instant value out of your experience data with a powerful platform your entire workforce can use.
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Tap into the power of a modern AI-driven experience platform
Put your data to work with Macorva's AI-powered experience solutions built for employees, customers and managers.


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Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Radiant AI for Patient Experience

Traditional patient feedback systems often leave healthcare providers questioning the next steps. Radiant AI® for Patient Experience revolutionizes this process by transforming patient feedback into actionable insights that significantly enhance patient satisfaction and improve facility performance.

With Macorva's PX solution you can:

  • Seamlessly collect feedback with real-time surveys that integrate with your EHR and HRIS systems
  • Analyze and categorize insights by facility, physician, nurse, and staff intelligently with AI
  • Create customizable reports with actionable recommendations focused on improving patient experience
  • Automatically generate performance reviews and development plans from integrated feedback and data
  • Boost HCAHPS and CAHPS scores, strengthen patient loyalty, and elevate your facility’s reputation


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Transform Your Patient Experience

Elevate patient care and empower your healthcare team with Radiant AI for PX, designed to enhance both patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.