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Nathan Childress, Founder & CEOOctober 20, 20235 min read

Macorva at HR Tech 2023: AI, Productivity, and Quality

The Macorva team recently had the opportunity to attend the 2023 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas. The event was a hub of innovation and discussion, with one theme dominating the conversation: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a leading force in the HR tech space, we were eager to delve into the discussions, share our unique perspective on AI’s role in the industry, and learn from other industry experts. 
Drawing from our in-depth engagements and observations at the conference, we’ve identified some key takeaways from HR Tech 2023 and the trends around AI in HR.


AI in HR Tech: A Buzzword with Potential

hr-tech-2023-sign-blogThroughout the conference, AI was the buzzword on everyone’s mind. Exhibitors from all corners of the HR tech industry were eager to highlight their use of AI, but there was a noticeable lack of clarity about what AI really meant for them and how it was being utilized. Terms like “AI talent management” were frequently used, but without a clear explanation of what they entailed, it was hard to understand their true impact.
At Macorva, we believe in being specific and transparent about our AI capabilities, which was on full display for HR Tech attendees throughout the event. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what our powerful Radiant AI® technology does:
  • Writes performance documents: Our AI compiles a wealth of information to create comprehensive performance documents. For example, it can analyze an employee’s performance metrics, feedback from peers and managers, and personal development goals to create a performance review that is both accurate and personalized. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy.
  • Links LMS resources to employees: Our AI can intelligently link relevant learning resources to individual employees, providing personalized learning experiences. For instance, if an employee is struggling with a particular skill, our AI can recommend specific learning resources to help them improve.
  • Empowers managers: By analyzing survey results and other data, our AI provides actionable insights that empower managers to make informed decisions. For example, if survey results indicate low employee morale, Radiant AI can identify potential causes and suggest solutions.
  • Problem-solving: Our AI aids in identifying and solving problems, making the HR process smoother and more efficient. For instance, if there’s a recurring issue with employee turnover in a particular department, Radiant AI can analyze various data points to identify potential causes and recommend strategies to address the issue.
The potential of AI in HR tech is vast. It can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up HR professionals to focus more on people-centric functions. However, understanding and harnessing this potential requires a clear understanding of what AI can do.

The Macorva AI Approach

At the conference, we received numerous queries about our AI implementation as attendees sought to gain insights into the technical aspects of our AI, its potential uses, its performance reliability, and its advantages over other solutions. Our approach is a blend of several strategies:
  • In-house development: We have a dedicated team working on developing and refining our AI capabilities. This allows us to ensure that our AI is tailored to the specific needs of HR professionals.
  • Customized foundational LLM models: We customize existing models to suit our specific needs. This allows us to leverage proven AI technologies while ensuring that our AI is uniquely suited to our objectives.
  • Server collaboration: We set up multiple servers to work together, creating a seamless automation process that appears effortless to the end-user. This allows us to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our AI can provide real-time insights and recommendations.
Our “AI performance management” tech talk attracted a large audience, in which we discussed how AI fosters unbiased performance evaluations and facilitates the generation of objective, fair documents such as OKRs and SMART goals, all aligned seamlessly with overarching company objectives. A practical question raised was, “do we have to integrate all data sources for this to be helpful”? My response was that integrating even a few key data sources - manager notes, survey results, and other feedback can standardize documents and save managers 70-80 hours a year. Full integration is ideal for saving up to 100 hours a year, but even a basic integration is a significant step forward.

AI: Beyond Productivity

While the focus is often on AI’s potential to boost productivity, we at Macorva are more excited about its ability to enhance quality. In particular, we see great potential in AI’s ability to improve performance management documents. This can make employees feel more valued and engaged.
Key benefits of AI in improving quality include:
  • Elevated documents: AI can create high-quality documents that make employees feel appreciated. For example, an AI-generated performance review might include personalized feedback and specific recommendations for improvement, making the employee feel valued and understood.
  • Improved output: AI can enhance the quality of work output, leading to better results. For instance, AI can analyze an employee’s work and provide specific, actionable feedback to help them improve.
  • Higher standards: AI can help maintain and elevate the standard of work, contributing to overall business excellence. For example, by automating routine tasks, AI can ensure that these tasks are performed consistently and accurately, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall quality of work.
Catch the on-demand recording of our tech talk presentation to learn how AI is profoundly reshaping performance management systems and fostering consistency and uniformity in documentation.

The ADP Marketplace Community

Another big topic of discussion at the conference was around modern software solutions that fit into our clients’ existing technology ecosystems. Macorva effortlessly integrates with over 50 HRIS, streamlining workflows and simplifying data management by automatically syncing employee information. Our HRIS integrations typically can be set up in under 5 minutes, and one of the most popular under our belt is ADP. 

ADP did a fantastic job showcasing their marketplace partners at the conference. As an ADP Marketplace Advisory Board member, we enjoyed the lively community and the opportunity to discuss partnership ideas not only with ADP but also with other partners. These discussions opened up new possibilities for collaboration and innovation, and we’re excited to explore these opportunities further.

To learn more about our ADP integration that streamlines workflows and simplifies data management, find us on the marketplace.

Wrapping Up

macorva-team-hr-tech-2023-blogThe 2023 HR Tech Conference was a valuable platform to discuss and explore the potential of AI in the HR industry. At Macorva, we’re thrilled about the possibilities AI offers, not just in terms of productivity, but also in enhancing the quality of work. We’re eager to continue these conversations, forge new partnerships, and drive innovation in the HR tech industry. As we look to the future, we’re excited to see how AI will continue to transform the HR landscape, and we’re committed to being at the forefront of this transformation.