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Generate resources automatically. Radiant AI enables managers to spend less time on documentation and more time on strategy and action.

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Eliminate guesswork and translate data into meaningful results with AI-driven response plans and coaching.
Get instant value out of your experience data with a powerful platform your entire workforce can use.
Simplify your workflow with our extensive library of app integrations.


Tap into the power of a modern AI-driven experience platform
Put your data to work with Macorva's AI-powered experience solutions built for employees, customers and managers.


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Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Boost retention with personalized
employee recognition programs

Radiant AI® turns surveys into recognition and growth solutions to help managers cultivate a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Boost retention with personalized employee recognition programs

Radiant AI® turns surveys into recognition and growth solutions to help managers cultivate a more engaged and motivated workforce.



Boost Morale &
Job Satisfaction
Elevate happiness by recognizing the hard work and achievements of your team
Retain Your
Top Talent
Show employees they are essential to your success and they'll stick with you
Drive Continued
When employees feel recognized and engaged, they go the extra mile

Give Every Employee a Voice

Macorva helps foster a culture where every voice matters. Our engaging, mobile-first, SMS capable surveys ensure maximum participation from every team member. Radiant AI then goes the extra mile to create personalized action plans for every individual manager. Our platform ensures that:

  • Every employee can provide unlimited 360-degree feedback, offering a comprehensive view of the workplace
  • Responses remain anonymous, encouraging open and honest communication
  • Feedback is transformed into measurable data and automatic reports straight to managers' inboxes, enabling leaders to make informed decisions and take meaningful action

Make Every Relationship Count

Macorva starts by combining engagement, pulse survey, 360, and customer feedback with your unique data. Pairing diverse data with Radiant AI lets us automatically create recognition strategies and coaching plans for each employee. Our tools help you:

  • Identify the silent superstars who may not always be in the spotlight but contribute significantly to your team's success
  • Recognize employees at risk of leaving and take proactive steps to keep them engaged and part of your team
  • Celebrate the active achievers who consistently deliver exceptional work and inspire others
  • See everything on your company's org chart to emphasize personalized results that drive better business operations

See Macorva in Action

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Personalized Recognition Programs Made Simple

Macorva refines your company's recognition strategy to reflect its unique culture and values. Our AI-driven approach empowers managers to recognize deserving individuals, support employees in need, and create data-driven recognition strategies. With Macorva, you can:

  • Use Radiant AI's personalized recognition programs to resonate with employees and reinforce company values
  • Create individualized growth plans for each employee, fostering advancement and a sense of investment
  • Integrate Radiant AI with your LMS resources and corporate objectives to align individual plans with organizational goals

Drive & Track Employee Engagement

Gaining insights into employee engagement can lead to transformative changes. We know that change isn't just at the top - Radiant AI creates personalized reports for every manager to explain results, compare to benchmarks, and suggest actions. Macorva equips you with:

  • eNPS scores and drivers to gauge employee loyalty and predict growth potential
  • Organizational chart visualizations that integrate employee feedback for a clear view of team health
  • Comprehensive 360 degree feedback to understand the dynamics within your team and identify areas for improvement

Customer Stories

Macorva's success stories span diverse industries, showcasing the platform's ability to transform businesses across the board. Our customers have achieved remarkable results, including:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improvements in leadership planning
  • Rapid expansion of data-driven action plans




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