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CustomerThink: 7 Secrets to Improving Customer Retention

"While some 87% of senior business leaders say CX is a top growth engine, only one in three feel prepared to address it. What’s holding them back? Poor data. Customer feedback is notoriously difficult to collect, pinpoint, and track, which makes it difficult to accurately measure customer sentiment, understand issues, and make corrections to drive appreciable improvement.

So, what’s the solution? It’s certainly not burdening customers with more of the same lengthy, generic surveys. If the data companies are producing now isn’t working to reduce churn, the solution isn’t more data–it’s better data with more insights in less time."

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Macorva Unveils People-Focused Customer Reviews to Help Companies Reward Service and Drive Retention

Macorva, the people-focused feedback company, today launched its new Macorva CX customer feedback platform, the first solution that allows companies to gather actionable customer experience ratings that tie their feedback directly to individual employee service.

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HR Daily Advisor: Why ‘Come to Jesus’ Chats with Employees Don’t Work

"In the workplace, a 'come to Jesus' meeting often only takes place when an employee’s behavior or performance has become so problematic that management is at a crossroads: There must be immediate improvement or you’re fired.

By this point, a 'come to Jesus' conversation actually compounds the problem rather than fixes it. If you’re ready to lower the boom with an employee and issue an ultimatum ('Either this gets better or you’re out of here'), you’re sabotaging any chance for recovery."

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HR Technologist: 6 Ways to Transition to Workforce Management 2020

"In 2020, HR must retire legacy approaches to workforce management in favor of the New Work model. We share six tips to reimagine workforce management in 2020 and tech solutions to help you on this journey."

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TLNT: Giving Feedback Can Be Stressful, But Do It Anyway

"While many managers dislike giving critical feedback, or avoid it altogether, employees prefer corrective feedback over praise and recognition...

That means failure to offer constructive feedback, even when it’s critical, could be costing you great employees who will find what they need elsewhere. To avoid that risk, managers need to get past their own insecurities and develop the skills to give feedback without fear."

Read the full article here Why Companies Don’t Realize They’re Failing At Work/Life Balance

"In a survey of HR leaders, two-thirds said their employees enjoy a good work/life balance—but almost half of the employees disagreed. Instead, nearly two-thirds said they were expected to be reachable outside the office, which means they can never truly unplug from work.  That’s a real problem for companies that expect high-value, knowledge-based workers to put in long hours and be available for duty 24/7. It can quickly lead to burnout, disengagement and dissatisfaction, sending great employees heading for the door."

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Thrive Global: Women Of The C-Suite

"As a part of my series about strong female leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carley Childress, CEO of Macorva. Carley comes to Macorva from an engineering background focused in medical device product development and marketing management. Having worked for companies with thousands of employees and for companies with less than five employees, she is passionate about bringing startup levels of engagement to established companies."

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MarketWatch: Macorva Now Offers Free Employee Engagement Surveys and Unlimited 360-Degree Feedback to Small Businesses

Macorva, the unlimited 360-degree employee feedback company, today announced it is offering a free version of its comprehensive employee engagement survey and feedback-gathering platform for small businesses. The Macorva Essentials offering will provide companies with fewer than 500 employees the tools they need to measure employee engagement and track employee feedback to help improve workplace culture, retention and performance.

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Bloomberg: More than 80 New Products Being Officially Unveiled at Next Week's HR Technology Conference & Exposition

Macorva is launching a free version of its unlimited 360-degree feedback and employee engagement survey designed for small businesses. Macorva lets companies under 500 employees launch a survey in minutes and add features as their needs grow. The free version eliminates the cost barrier that keeps small businesses from getting the data they need to improve employee performance, engagement and retention.

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TLNT: Avoid Having Ratings "Nosedive" Engagement

Unless ratings and reviews are handled properly, on paper, the results could make the organization look like a thriving Black Mirror-esque dystopia: everyone looks happy, works hard to cultivate their reputation, and things appear to be working just fine...

But under the surface, there could be a cauldron of brewing conflict and resentment fueled by employees who “manage up” at the expense of their co-workers, those who are all about the ratings at any cost, and still others who are afraid to speak up — or worse, have no opportunity to do so.

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