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Generate resources automatically. Radiant AI enables managers to spend less time on documentation and more time on strategy and action.

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Eliminate guesswork and translate data into meaningful results with AI-driven response plans and coaching.
Get instant value out of your experience data with a powerful platform your entire workforce can use.
Tap into the power of AI to boost manager effectiveness, employee engagement, and improve customer experiences.
Put your data to work with Macorva's AI-powered experience solutions built for employees, customers and managers.


Macorva-Logo-Icon-Square   WHY MACORVA
Macorva is more than just a feedback platform. We are a tool for change, helping businesses enhance their performance, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Strengthening Leadership and Culture With Employee Insights at Henkel

Faced with delayed survey responses and a need to act on employee insights faster, Henkel turned to Macorva for a swift, efficient feedback solution. With its user-friendly platform and innovative feedback approach, Macorva helped Henkel launch surveys and gather insights quickly. The partnership led to key results including:

  • Completed implementation and gathered survey insights in under 3 months
  • Effortlessly captured personalized results and generated proactive action plans 
  • Validated leadership's succession plans with insightful feedback from surveys and 360-degree reviews
  • Identified development opportunities for upcoming leaders
  • Built a stronger culture and trust with employees, leading a high-performing, engaged team 

Macorva EX Demo Video

Learn how Macorva EX is empowering managers and employees to give feedback, save time, get better data, and improve outcomes.