Macorva CX

Connect your product teams with frontline user feedback to guide development


Measure product experiences

Our platform leverages multiple channels, including SMS, email, and the web, to collect detailed, actionable feedback from product users. Our results empower you to:

  • Identify key features loved by users
  • Track bugs, complaints and feature requests
  • Inform your go-to-market strategy with frontline feedback on new features and pricing

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Inform your strategy

Extract key insights from frontline users. Our platform maintains a database of your customers and their experiences so you can easily validate your ideas, refine new features, enter new markets, and acquire new users. 

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Optimize development

Macorva gives you the flexibility to build product experience surveys around the needs and objectives of your development team, e.g.:

  • 30% of users selected "Easy to Use"
  • 10% of users selected "Slow to Load"
  • 80% of users are happy with the latest version update

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Macorva CX

Customer experience

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Create specific, actionable CX data with automated mobile-first customer surveys. Macorva CX streamlines feedback from every line of business, including sales, support, operations, product development, and marketing.

  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Brand experience, NPS®
  • Radiant AITM closed loop follow-up

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Macorva EX

Employee experience

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Bridge the gap between feedback and action. Macorva EX empowers employees to share their experiences as actionable data to increase visibility and recognition, improve learning outcomes, and promote effective leadership.

  • Employee surveys
  • Unlimited 360° feedback
  • Radiant AITM sentiment analysis
  • Radiant AITM  action plans

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