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Drive action at every level with employee-focused customer insights 

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Employee-focused feedback

Employees strongly influence customer experiences. Understanding their impact is essential to growing business and retaining customers.

Our surveys collect highly specific data from customers regarding their experiences with individual employees. This unlocks critical insights to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. 

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Personalized dashboards

We provide every customer-facing employee with a personalized dashboard to review the feedback they receive from customers in real-time.

Employees can track their personal CX scores, see the attributes customers commonly use to describe them, and collaborate with their managers on action plans. 

Workforce development solutions

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Standout performers

Keep your team on the right path by honing in on CX trends. Our intuitive dashboards make it easy to segment customer responses by date, location, service or group.

Our platform also collects team CX results and highlights opportunities for improvement with standout categories like "Customer favorites" and "Struggling with customers."

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Action planning

Connect employees with the resources and support needed to improve their exchanges with customers. Managers and employees can collaborate on personalized action plans and monitor progress, or automate specific follow-up tasks for relevant outcomes. 

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Macorva CX- Employee-specific customer feedback

Macorva CX

Customer experience

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Create specific, actionable CX data with automated mobile-first customer surveys. Macorva CX streamlines feedback from every line of business, including sales, support, operations, product development, and marketing.

  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Brand experience, NPS
  • Product experience

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Macorva EX

Employee experience

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Bridge the gap between feedback and action. Macorva EX empowers employees to share their experiences as actionable data to increase visibility and recognition, improve learning outcomes, and promote effective leadership.

  • Employee surveys
  • Unlimited 360° feedback
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Action planning

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