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Boost engagement with data-driven action at every level of the organization


Why surveys don't work

4 out of 5 businesses are not seeing positive results from their employee surveys. Why do these efforts fail? 

Because the results aren't specific or actionable.

If you want to improve business outcomes, you need a survey that enables change at every level. 


People-oriented results

To improve employee engagement, you need to understand and empower changes in people

People and their experiences with one another define your business, from how a manager leads their team to how different teammates work together. 

Our results are shaped by and oriented around people and their experiences. We enable change at every level of your organization, from the individual contributor to the CEO. 


Data-driven action

With streamlined, specific results from all forms of feedback, including employee surveys, lifecycle, sentiment analysis, and unlimited 360° feedback, your leaders can act on results at every level by:

  • Recognizing employees for their impact
  • Encouraging core competencies that grow business
  • Promoting action at every level of the organization
  • Collaborating and assigning next steps

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Macorva CX

Customer experience

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Create specific, actionable CX data with automated mobile-first customer surveys. Macorva CX streamlines feedback from every line of business, including sales, support, operations, product development, and marketing.

  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Brand experience, NPS®
  • Radiant AITM closed loop follow-up

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Macorva EX

Employee experience

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Bridge the gap between feedback and action. Macorva EX empowers employees to share their experiences as actionable data to increase visibility and recognition, improve learning outcomes, and promote effective leadership.

  • Employee surveys
  • Unlimited 360° feedback
  • Radiant AITM sentiment analysis
  • Radiant AITM  action plans

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