Macorva EX

Turn employee experiences into actionable insights to improve business outcomes

User-friendly mobile employee surveys

User-friendly feedback

Maximize capture rates with lightweight, accessible surveys for any scenario. Our platform includes:

  • Automated email and SMS notifications
  • One-click log-in links
  • Tappable responses
  • Completion tracking with intelligent reminders

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Employee surveys for any scenario

Survey for any scenario

Configure lightweight employee surveys around any goal or need for your business with:

  • Templates for common initiatives
  • Benchmarking and driver analysis
  • Trend analysis and data segmentation
  • Reference library of I/O survey questions
  • Self-service configuration for team surveys
Employee surveys for any scenario
Employee survey turn-key reports

Action-oriented results

Our automated, user-friendly reports empower every manager to take action based on feedback and sentiment from their specific team. 

Close the feedback loop by taking immediate action on survey results with AI recommendations for every outcome. 

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Macorva CX

Customer experience

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Create specific, actionable CX data with automated mobile-first customer surveys. Macorva CX streamlines feedback from every line of business, including sales, support, operations, product development, and marketing.

  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Brand experience, NPS®
  • Radiant AITM closed loop follow-up

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Macorva EX

Employee experience

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Bridge the gap between feedback and action. Macorva EX empowers employees to share their experiences as actionable data to increase visibility and recognition, improve learning outcomes, and promote effective leadership.

  • Employee surveys
  • Unlimited 360° feedback
  • Radiant AITM sentiment analysis
  • Radiant AITM  action plans

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