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Lightweight pulse surveys

Macorva’s simple surveys assesses 5 research-backed drivers of engagement: happiness, trust in leadership, compensation & benefits, workspace & tools, and learning & development. 

Surveys can be delivered at any frequency and customized to include additional questions. Within each engagement survey, employees are also empowered to anonymously rate and describe their experiences with coworkers. 

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Visualize results in org chart

At the end of each survey, Macorva displays all engagement metrics in manager dashboards and the company org chart. Company leaders can visually review engagement levels by manager and assess which groups need targeted investment. 

Macorva’s org chart can display 100,000+ employees in a single webpage and also displays 360° feedback results for each employee and their reports.

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Track engagement at every level

Macorva automatically generates dashboards for every manager that display their team’s happiness scores, engagement/disengagement rates, and histogram of responses to every survey question, including the key drivers of engagement and any custom questions. 

Empower every employee

Measuring engagement is the critical first step toward increased engagement, but the vast majority of employees in any company have between 0-5 reports. These employees rarely have the power to influence global issues, but they can enact meaningful change.

By integrating employee engagement metrics with unlimited 360° feedback, Macorva empowers 100% of employees to take action and improve company engagement. 

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