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Democratized 360° feedback

Deliver 360° feedback to every employee with no management overhead. 

Macorva empowers all employees to anonymously rate and describe their experiences with anyone in the company. Employees rate their experiences with others and can describe their experiences with positive/negative attribute tags. These attributes can be customized or expanded to support any performance goals, core competencies, or company values. 

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Share experiences with anyone

Macorva automatically suggests a list of coworkers for each employee to rate based on their position in the company org chart, but employees can securely and anonymously share their experience with anyone in the company. 

Employees can add ratings in each period engagement survey by searching the company org chart or selecting from automatic suggestions. As employees provide feedback, Macorva will continuously update with new feedback suggestions.

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Review feedback from above, below, inside, and outside

At the conclusion of each engagement survey, Macorva tabulates all employee experiences ratings and returns 360° feedback to every employee, segmented by:

Above: managers

Below: reports

Inside: same department

Outside: different departments

To ensure anonymity, Macorva only displays feedback scores when 5+ experience ratings are provided. Employees also receive feedback on attributes tagged in 20%+ of their experience ratings in each category.

Engage with standout employees

Macorva's next-gen 360° feedback empowers all employees and managers to take action and increase employee engagement. By capturing employee experiences as detailed data within a regular pulse survey, Macorva automatically identifies standout employees- individuals in each team whose feedback patterns indicate a profound impact on engagement.

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