Macorva EX: 360 feedback for all

Between building a template, selecting raters, soliciting feedback, collecting results, creating action plans, and returning results to the employee, a typical 360 review can easily take hours to complete. Very few L&D groups have the bandwidth to go through this process for every employee.

Our platform removes these bottlenecks by deploying a modern, unlimited 360 feedback survey. We empower all employees to anonymously rate and describe their experiences with all colleagues, yielding huge volumes of detailed, directional feedback in a simple, streamlined process. 

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Better data in less time

Delving deeply into a handful of perspectives limits your data and amplifies individual biases. We zoom out to find the consistent trends in feedback based on many perspectives.


key benefits

Core competencies

Save time and deliver more robust results by mapping feedback attributes to L&D core competencies.


Targeted training

Use collective feedback scores to address training gaps and identify your next generation of leaders.


Program efficacy

Measure progress for employees in training, mentorship, or other development programs.

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“I pulled all the information through our payroll system right into Macorva. When the survey was rolled out, I was able to review 35 employees with thoughtful responses within 15 minutes.”

B2B Operations Manager (Kansas City, MO)

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