Turn employee feedback into actionable insights that improve engagement, retention, and company culture


Empower employees to share experiences with coworkers

Provide an anonymous channel for direct, honest feedback. Don’t just measure engagement - improve engagement by using employee experiences and company dynamics to make informed decisions and take action.


Empower employees. Collect and return 360-degree feedback to guide professional development. 


Manage proactively. Visualize employee dynamics to understand where to invest and how to improve. 


Maximize ROI. Make data-driven decisions on engagement at every organizational level. 


Who should lead a team? Do managers need training? Should we reorganize?

You need more than engagement scores to make difficult decisions. You need details and experiences at every level, from individual employees to inter-departmental dynamics. Discover them with Macorva.


Identify your superstars and elevate engagement

Streamlined workflow

Configure surveys in minutes. In a simple web application, Macorva asks engagement questions, provides free space for open comments, and prompts employees to rate their experiences with coworkers. 


Actionable results

Measure engagement, empower employees, and quantify company dynamics with anonymous 360-feedback. Track engagement, and use employee dynamics to take action at every organizational level.


Profound impact

Make targeted investments in your employees. Recognize your silent superstars who have low visibility but widespread impact. Give detailed guidance to struggling managers. Encourage cross-functional teamwork.

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“Employee dynamics provide greater insight and promote more productive action than engagement questions alone. Our survey measures engagement with simple, direct questions and collects anonymous interpersonal feedback that individuals, managers, and executives can all use to learn and grow.“

Carley Childress

Founder & CEO of Macorva, Inc.


Designed for action

Macorva believes in the power of feedback. Our survey allows every employee to benefit from 360-feedback - not just managers and executives. Our mission is to give employees, managers, and executives the confidence to enact meaningful change. 

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